"Experience a Complimentary Hearing Test"
Complimentary Hearing Test by Sound Solutions
To take the first steps to better hearing, simply request an appointment for a free hearing test. At Sound Solutions Hearing Care we have the most thorough mobile hearing test in Georgia, including cutting-edge testing technologies we bring to your home.
We offer you the most advanced technology with a wide selection of hearing aid solutions for every budget.
Hearing Test by Sound Solutions
It all starts with a hearing test. This includes a physical examination of your ears, a pure tone test and speech testing.
During your in-home appointment you’ll find out more about your unique hearing needs and your hearing aid options.

Your Hearing Specialist DeWayne will be with your every step of the way and help you make the best decisions for your hearing needs.
By submitting your details online, our team can contact you to discuss your hearing challenges and provide a date and time that suits you for your complimentary in-home hearing test appointment.
Sound Solutions Hearing Care
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