Have Your Hearing Abilities Changed?
Have Your Hearing Abilities Changed? GET A FREE TEST
Even if you've been using a hearing aid for years, it's important to schedule an annual hearing test.

Your hearing abilities may change over the years, and getting your hearing tested will help ensure that you are hearing at your best with your current pair of hearing aids.
You also need annual check-ups on your hearing aid devices to make sure that your power output and your devices technology is still serving your hearing needs. As there is new and improved technology that is making people hear better than just a few years ago.
People come to us from many different starting points. Some are beginners and some are long-time user of hearing devices. Some need a hearing test, some have recently had a hearing test and are considering new hearing aids, and some are not even sure if their hearing is worse. Wherever you are on your journey to better hearing, we are here to support you. We understand no two people hear alike. With this in mind, we provide customized fittings for all of our patients.
A home visit starts with a hearing test. When was the last time you had your hearing aids checked, cleaned and given it proper maintenance? This is a crucial part of your long term hearing health care. Do you need your Hearing Aids Re-Programmed or Repaired & some Cleaning done?
We do ask that another family member be present during your in-home visit.
So we can also answer any questions they may have too, we want everyone to feel comfortable about your hearing aids.
 What to Expect from your Mobile Hearing Visit
DeWayne Casey
DeWayne Casey is our fully qualified hearing care professional that will introduce himself upon arrival with his Sound Solutions name badge so you can feel confident that he is an official Sound Solutions representative.

All of our high-tech equipment is portable and small enough to carry with us. Before any testing actually begins, DeWayne will consult with you about your lifestyle and hearing needs. We’ll ask about your daily activities and your employment to learn more about how our hearing services can best serve you.

Your Sound Solutions Hearing Care expert will take a look into your ears safely and comfortably using an otoscope to check for a build up of wax that may be affecting your hearing. If we feel that your ears are clear of wax, then we will begin the hearing test by placing a set of headphones over your ears. We will check each ear individually and ask you to respond to every sound you hear. We’ll also look for any sign of an injury or infection that could be causing your hearing loss.
We offer a variety of in-home services from hearing testing, hearing aid sales, in-home hearing aid trials, repairs & re-programming, and all follow-up Sound Solutions hearing care is done from the comfort of your own home, or private care facility.
Why Our Hearing Aid Service is Different:
We offer a free in-home demonstration of the hearing aids.

  • No pressure to buy. No rush. We take the time to do a thorough hearing evaluation to make recommendations based strictly on YOUR individual lifestyle and hearing needs.
  • We do not limit our patients to just one or two hearing aid manufacturer brands.
  • We provide a lifetime of Hearing Aid Repair and Limited Services after the sale at no additional charge.
Aren't all hearing aids the same?

Nothing could be further from the truth! First of all, you can’t be certain of their quality if you purchase from online or in a big box store.
What hearing aid manufacturer brands do you work with?

We work with Sonic, Oticon, Widex, Rexton, Siemens, Bernafon, Hansaton, Phonak, Unitron, ReSound, Lyric, SeboTek and Starkey.

Based on your hearing loss, lifestyle and listening demands we will make a recommendation on the brand and style of hearing aid for you.
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