What to Expect from your Mobile Hearing Visit
Hearing Care Services
DeWayne Casey is our fully qualified hearing care professional that will introduce himself upon arrival with his Sound Solutions name badge so you can feel confident that he is an official Sound Solutions representative.

All of our high-tech equipment is portable and small enough to carry with us. Before any testing actually begins, DeWayne will consult with you about your lifestyle and hearing needs. We’ll ask about your daily activities and your employment to learn more about how our hearing services can best serve you.

Your Sound Solutions Hearing Care expert will take a look into your ears safely and comfortably using an otoscope to check for a build up of wax that may be affecting your hearing. If we feel that your ears are clear of wax, then we will begin the hearing test by placing a set of headphones over your ears. We will check each ear individually and ask you to respond to every sound you hear. We’ll also look for any sign of an injury or infection that could be causing your hearing loss.
We offer a variety of in-home services from hearing testing, hearing aid sales, in-home hearing aid trials, repairs & re-programming, and all follow-up Sound Solutions hearing care is done from the comfort of your own home, or private care facility.
We do ask that another family member be present during your in-home visit.
So we can also answer any questions they may have too, we want everyone to feel comfortable about your new hearing aids.
Frequently Asked Questions
Are there any disadvantages to you coming to my home as opposed to me going to an office?

No, actually there are plenty of advantages of us coming to you.

If the test determines that you do have a hearing loss and hearing aids are recommended a demonstration of the latest hearing aid technology in your home will give you the most accurate representation of how you would function with the hearing aids.

Our patients have also found that being in the comfort of their own home makes the experience more relaxing.
Why should I book a in-home visit?

Convenience: For many people it means freedom from the reliance on friends, family, or caregivers for transport. You can receive the help you need in the comfort of your own home.

Accuracy: When we fit your hearing aids in your home, we calibrate them to the most widely used sound setting. As most people use their hearing aids mostly in their homes, there is no better place to test and custom fit your hearing aids!

Personal service: When we visit you, all of our attention is focused on you! You’ll get the same level of high quality service that you would get just like if you were in our office.
Is your service more expensive than going into a traditional office?

No, by eliminating the restraints of a traditional office it increases our scheduling flexibility and decreases our costs. This allows us to pass along these savings to you our patient.
Does insurance cover hearing aids?

We accept many types of insurance, but it does vary. The first step is to get your complimentary hearing evaluation and, at the time of your in-home appointment, we can check your benefits for the insurance.
How much do hearing aids cost?

Hearing aids vary in cost, depending on your level of loss, the style of hearing aid and the level of technology.

We also want to make it clear that our hearing aid solutions are all-inclusive. This means that when you purchase a set of hearing aids with us, you also receive complimentary lifetime service, including annual hearing tests, cleanings and checks, fittings and much more. We're there for you every step of the way!
Aren't all hearing aids the same?

Nothing could be further from the truth! First of all, you can’t be certain of their quality if you purchase from online or in a big box store.

Moreover, you won’t be offered a FREE comprehensive hearing evaluation or have your hearing aid customized to your needs. Plus, these off-brand devices are seldom backed by an extensive warranty like Sound Solutions Hearing Care offers all customers.
What hearing aid manufacturer brands do you work with?

We work with Sonic, Oticon, Widex, Rexton, Siemens, Bernafon, Hansaton, Phonak, Unitron, ReSound, Lyric, SeboTek and Starkey.

Based on your hearing loss, lifestyle and listening demands we will make a recommendation on the brand and style of hearing aid.
Do you have night and weekend appointments available?
Our schedule is Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm,  any evening or weekend appointments might be able to be scheduled if required, please ask.
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